Wooden hive stand - 2 hives


Practicality meets design with this folding wooden stand for 2 hives.


With a height of 47cm, it raises your hives to isolate them from the ground and offers an optimal working comfort. No more backache whatever your hive model (dadant, Langsthrot, Warré, Voirnot, etc).

On the side of its structure: thin and foldable in wood, it allows you an easy transport and handling. 


Natural effect with a stain or creative with a paint, this hive stand is 100% customizable and fits perfectly in all landscapes (in gardens or in the countryside, etc.).



Length: 1200mm,

Width: 440mm,

height: 470mm.

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Beekeeper's advice :

Why do you need to elevate your hives?

A hive on the ground can make the hive fragile by favouring the development of diseases, by facilitating access to certain insects or rodents or by deteriorating the quality of the honey through excessive humidity.

Raising your hive solves these problems and simplifies your work by bringing the hive to human height.

In beekeeping, the well-being of the colony is paramount. To produce honey, bees must encounter as few problems as possible.

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Dimensions1200 x 440 x 470mm