Shipment & Delivery

Shipping and delivery times

Shipping time vs delivery time: Shipping times are announced when the order is validated.

They vary depending on the delivery method (package by DPD, Chrono13, Chrono Relais Express, pallet delivered by carrier) and the seasonality.

The delivery time (different from the delivery time) is subject to the conditions of the delivery agent (DPD or the different carriers) and depending on the place of delivery (metropolitan France or abroad).

We take care of your parcels!

Because apiculture is not just a passion for some, it is a serious profession. From order taking to shipping, your order is the subject of our attention! And we therefore pay special attention to the preparation of your packages. In particular, we use all types of materials for the refund of parcels: cartons of different thickness, bubble paper, foam flakes, corrugated cardboard...

Preparing your order

We control your order at each stage of its preparation:

- Once you have received your order, we will notify you of any oversight (e.g.: pots capsules).

- "Groupers", then a "editor", visually control each of your products.

- Before closing the package, the "editor" carefully checks the details and layout of the products.

Your invoice is sent by email on the day of shipment of the package. For a shipment in a Relais Point, the latter warns you of the arrival of the package by SMS or email. For one shipment per carrier, the company in charge of the delivery makes an appointment by telephone before delivery.


Packaging and care brought to your package

We have chosen to make the most of recycling of packaging materials for shipments. We are all committed to a sensible packaging approach.

We design the packaging of your order according to the number of items to be transported to your home. All items are packed with care and efficiency to minimize the constraints inherent in transportation. Calages, bubble film, foam, cardboard and recycled paper are used to ensure the protection of your package right to your home.

If, despite all our good will, your order is delivered in poor condition, please follow the procedure of acceptance of the package. Please also keep our Customer Service informed as soon as possible by email to:

Delivery in Europe