Set of 2 plastic pallet soles for 2 beehives

The set of 3 soles consists of 2 soles with a width of 80 mm and 1 sole with a width of 150 mm. It allows to assemble 2 large pallets. For example, using the set of 3 soles with 2 960 mm pallets, you get a palette of 4 beehives back to back. Provide a mechanical attachment of the 2 pallets on the 2 faces in contact in 4 points, at each foot, with for each: - drilling of 2 holes with diameter 8,5 mm,- mounting of 1 hexagonal head screw M8 x 20,- 2 extra-large washers (1 on each side),- 1 M8 nut.It is preferable that all the above parts be made of galvanized steel (parts not supplied).There is also the set of 2 soles.

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