Semi-professional mobile honey dryer - Geco

The Geco semi-professional dehumidifier is an indispensable device in honey house. Its role is to reduce the percentage of water in honeys by several points. It is also used to keep the air humidity rate you want constant. This dehumidifier is very practical! When the water tank is filled, the device automatically stops with an overflow device. Technical characteristics :- air flow: 425 m³/h - container of the tray: 9.5 L- Power: 230 V- Temperature operating range: from 6 to 43 °C - Hygrometry operating range: 40-100% (relative humidity or H.R.)- dehumidification capacity 20 °C - 60% H.R. :: 0,3 liters/h - dehumidification capacity 28 °C - 60 % H.R. :: 0,5 liters/h- dehumidification capacity 30 °C - 80 % H.R. :: 0.9 liters/h- dimensions: 605 x 380 x 362 mm. This dehumidifier is very easy to move in your room, it has casters and 2 resistant handles on the side. Other dehumidifiers are available: medicated air flow from 250 to 900 m³/h.

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