Queen cell incubator

This incubator offers a favorable atmosphere for queen births. Its role is to emerge the queen cells and to preserve the queens (virgins or inseminated) in a space that almost reproduces the atmosphere of the brood. It is made of polyurethane compound of 40 mm very insulating. It has:- a precision thermostat and a platinum probe, - a low voltage heating element, easy to clean and safe, - a large glass section giving a good vision.- a permanent ventilation ensuring a homogeneous temperature. The temperature is regulated via a digital screen and hygrometry by adding a container with a diameter of 100 mm and containing water. Available in 2 models :- capacity of the incubator 70 queen cells, 620 x 350 x 400 mm: FC200 - capacity of the incubator 150 queen cells, 930 x 350 x 400 mm: FC202Discover all our incubators/incubators.
  • Sku: FC200
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    Queen cell incubator - 70 cells
  • Sku: FC202
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    Queen cell incubator - 150 cells