Queen cell incubator - 220 cells - Pro Digitale

220 cell Pro Digital queen incubator. The queen cell incubator is used for the breeding of queens. It offers an atmosphere conducive to queen births, in an area that almost reproduces the atmosphere of the brood. This high-capacity royal cell incubator is ideal for breeders and commercial beekeepers. Equipped with three shelves, you can accommodate 220 queen cells. The Inox Pro Digital Incubator features an isolated door and indoor lighting. The temperature and humidity settings are very precise thanks to the display of all the information on an OLED digital screen. This incubator has an alarm if the door remains open. An emergency stop is planned in case of surges, increased humidity... Features: 230V power supply. Dimensions: 900 x 500 x 750 mm. bottom board dimensions: 560 mm x 370 mm x 130 mm.

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