Queen cage - Scalvini

The Scalvini cage allows to isolate the queen and then block the egg laying in order to make a treatment against the Varroa. This cage contains artificial vials allowing the queen to continue to lay while being partitioned. This in no way destabilizes the organization of the bee colony. It is strongly recommended to use this beekeeping technique from a strong colony. Indeed, if the colony is too low, the brood rearing, restriction of could result in a significant loss. Varroas that typically breed in brood and capped cells are difficult to reach by performing an oxalic acid treatment. For this reason, it is necessary to make a forced interruption of the egg laying. Thus, the bees will be healthy to face the winter season. Thanks to the Scalvini cage, no varroa will be present in the brood, so the treatment will be optimal.

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