Professional Mellitherm for honey descalization and filtration

The Mellitherm Standard device with a diameter of 478 mm shall be placed on a storage tank of 480 mm in diameter. The Mellitherm process allows the redesign of crystallized honeys by filtering the honey very finely.It produces a clear honey without the inconveniences of too long exposure to heat. It is scientifically proven that a temperature reared for a very short time is less pest than a long exposure at a temperature of 40 °C. Decrystallization and filtration are carried out continuously with a production of 50 kg in 2 or 3 hours. Mellitherm is the only device that allows to completely liquefy the melezitose honey. It can be loaded in crystallized honey with a shovel and if the honey is stored in pails (less than 300 mm diameter for the standard and less than 470 mm for the professional), the pails will be heated briefly in a bath. The entire honey block can be emptied into the Mellitherm device. There are also smaller dimensions: Mellitherm Standard (JF105).

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MappingStorage tank: 480 mm diameter
Diameter478 mm