Plexiglass honey storage tank with transparent bottom heater - 40kg

Once the honey is harvested honey by draining and filtered, it is essential to transfer it to a tank called storage tank. This phase of settling is important because it allows to obtain a consumable honey by removing the last impurities. The 40 kg plexi storage tank is ideal for public and private events! With its temperature controller, it is possible to control the consistency of the honey when selling in store or outside. By using this storage tank with stainless steel bottom heater (light à LED), it becomes easy to sell your honey. Its gate is a way to attract your customers and prospects at your various public events (markets, apiculture events, fairs) or demonstrations between family and friends. Key Features: - 230 V / power 150 W- temperature change from 30 to 55 °C - volume 40 kg. Discover the products associated with the storage tank, especially for honey filtration.

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Technical characteristics
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Capacity40 kg
Diameter250 mm
Dimensionshauteur : 700 mm