Strong propolis tablets - Apibella - 36 tablets


Apibella lozenges are composed of propolis naturally rich in bioflavonoids and Nanuka250+ MGO honey, two active ingredients with exceptional virtues. They are enriched with three essential oils (Manuka, Scots Pine and Radiated Eucalyptus) known for their respiratory virtues.

Active ingredients: manuka honey, propolis powder*, essential oils of eucalyptus radiata*, Scots pine* and manuka*.

*Ingredients from organic farming

Recommended daily dose: Suck slowly up to 6 lozenges per day.

Not recommended for children under 12 years old.


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Additional informations

Apibella is a French company specialising in apitherapy and has been working with beekeepers for 50 years. The products in the Apibella range are powerful and effective, as they are made from a judicious blend of various propolis.

Apibella guarantees :

- High quality raw materials

- Well-dosed active ingredients

- A state-of-the-art manufacturing process

Apibella supports French beekeepers and co-finances research into bee health.