Our Commitments

From our leadership position, we see it as our role to defend the rights of beekeepers and to fight for better working conditions. With today’s environmental changes, apiarists are now the guarantors of the reproduction and preservation of bees. Our duty is also to ensure their survival.

Preserving our environment

At ICKO Apiculture, bee survival is at the center of our concerns. With the decline in pollinating insect populations, the landscapes of our regions are undergoing alarming changes. Today, without apiarists there would be no more bees. That is why we are acting at the national level to consider sustainable solutions, enabling bees to survive and preserve our environment.

Some choices made by the government and various agricultural practices no longer allow bees to survive naturally. We believe that it is our duty to act for the beekeeping world and for the maintenance of biodiversity, so ICKO Apiculture is committed and regularly takes action to preserve our environment. From encouraging municipalities to increase the planting of honey plants to working with laboratories to thrive new species of bee that are more robust and resistant to pesticides, we strive on a daily basis to make a difference for a better future. 

Defending the rights of beekeepers

Because we have also been beekeepers for the last three generations, we are well aware of the difficulty of practicing this profession today and how things are changing. Committed to and in solidarity with the apiarists, we are fighting to claim your rights and to cast that the conditions of practice of apiculture are improved.

Indeed, and this is just one example, the massive use of neonicotinoids on farms is seriously undermining the extract of apiarists who see their farms weaken year after year. Unfortunately, these practices not only affect beekeeping extracts, but our entire ecosystem.

This is a critical situation and we must put an end to it! Until things change, ICKO Apiculture will continue to fight for apiarists to be heard and for better working conditions. These considerations will not only have a direct impact on the daily lives of apiarists, but also on the environment that we will place on future generations.

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