Nuclei 3 compartments

3-compartment breeding Beehive, designed for royal jelly or queen cell production. Each side beehive contains 10 frames and can receive a shallow box. The breeding beehive simplifies the breeding of queens. Its principle is based on the separation of the beehive into 3 compartments. The beehive can thus accommodate two colonies, separated in the central compartment by a space dedicated to the breeding of the queens. The 3 compartments are separated by queen excluders. The beekeeper inserts brood frames into the center, which will be fed by young nurse bees from the colonies at the ends. They will take care of the queen cells until they hatch. Very good quality wooden breeding Beehive sold with 3 crown boards. frames are offered separately: frames section. This horizontal breeder beehive exists in Dadant format and Langstroth :- Dadant: FA010- Langstroth: FA011
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    Nuc 3 compartments - Dadant
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    Nuc 3 compartments - Langstroth
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Dimensions110 x 60 x 50 mm