Mini nuc Apidea - brown polystyrene

This mini Apidea nuc provides perfect conditions for breeding! In hard brown polystyrene, it provides excellent thermal insulation. Its small size is a real plus because it makes them not very gourmet in bee and facilitates transport. It is easily transportable and easy to clean. The composition of this mini nuclei of fertilization Apidea:- 1 bottom board of mini-nuc box,- 1 deep bee hive box of mini-nuc box,- 3 frame for nuc (FA0221), - 1 removable feeder taking the put on of 2 frame for nuc, - 1 aeration and 1 queen excluder,- 1 hive cover. The embossed starter strips to be laid out will have to be 20 mm high and only a cup of bees will be sufficient to start the breeding.

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