Liquid and calibration prism for refractometers (JE250 and JE251)

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The liquid and calibration prism allows the calibration of the Analitik refractometer (JE250) and the refractometer with integrated LED (JE251).Calibration and measurement:1. Open the light plate and ensure that the prism surface is free of scratches and dirt.2. Put one or two drops of fresh calibration solution or maple Acer syrup on the prism.3. Close the light plate so that the maple Acer syrup expands brood nest evenly and without bubble on the entire surface of the prism.4. Point the light plate to a light source, then turn the light to obtain a clear picture of the measurement scale.5. Read where the line (the difference between pale and dark) crosses the measurement scale.6. If calibrated, adjust the calibration screw until 18.6 is displayed on the measurement scale. Attention: calibration fluid can cause severe irritation of eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with water for several minutes, with caution. For your safety, you are advised to wear eye protection.

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