Icko's behind the scenes

When you need beekeeping equipment and come to us, you only see the shelves of the stores, the catalog pages or the interface of our website. But what's behind all this? Workshops, commercial service, stock and order management... there are things going on behind it! Now discover the interior of our beehive.


The shop

Our team of experts welcomes you to our shop in Bollène, Vaucluse. You will find all our articles here: from the packaging universe, with glass pots, plastic pots and labels, to the beehive universe and our showroom. The latter offers all the equipment you need for your honey house: extractors, uncapping trays and all types of material handling and extraction. What you are looking for and much more is necessarily in one of our stores.



At ICKO, from design to production, we are also the creator of products. API Equipements is our subsidiary dedicated to the design of beekeeping equipment for professionals. Bonapi or Easyloader, beekeeping migratory material, or Spin float and Honey Gold chain, honey house materials, are from our workshops. We also repair and modify existing equipment according to your requests. It is our welders, electricians, machine-mounted machines that carry out this work in-house and enable you to realize all your requests tailor-made.

Candimiel, whose recipe was established more than 50 years ago by Mr. Charles Ickowicz, or the famous hive foundation recognized as the best wax in the world and Apimondia gold medal, are also produced in our workshops.

The commercial service

Because we know that it is not necessarily easy for everyone to come and visit us in Bollène, our sales team is ready to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday. Whether it is a consulting, a specific request for the creation of material or an order to be placed, our teams will be happy to follow your request with a smile and to give you satisfaction. You have a request, contact us!

The stock

One of the points that sets us apart at ICKO is the stock. To ensure the availability of items, we store thousands of items over 12,000m². A thousand beehives, hundreds of thousands of frames and much more are stored so that you can deliver as quickly as possible. Each product is identified and localized to allow our preparers to manage your orders in the best conditions. Each of them is carefully packed, protected and filmed before being sent to the loading docks, and finally delivered to your home.