Honey vinegar flavored with chili - 25 cl

Honey vinegar flavored with chili, prepared according to a handmade recipe. Originally from organic farming, this old-fashioned vinegar is made only from organic honey and natural fermentation water in oak drum barrels. More gentle than an ordinary vinegar, the honey vinegar with pepper reveals delicious Mediterranean flavors. Dietetic and gastronomic, this artisanal vinegar will enhance your salads, raw vegetables, sauces.. Not being sweet, it is also suitable for diabetics and never gives a sour-gentle sensation. On the contrary, it is a vinegar that is used everyday because it distorts the flavor of food less than any other vinegar. Honey vinegar Apis Vinaegria, produced under the label Orgamiel Nature and Progress. Ingredients: honey, water, chili. Capacity: 25 cL. To personalize your vinegar bottles, counter-label to your name or complete personalization, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Capacity25 cl