How do I use the strainer?

Before putting it in jars and proposing it on the tables, the honey goes through a few series of purification. These steps are necessary to give quality products and for a better consumption. Filtration makes it possible to obtain a pure honey with a beautiful color. Find out more about honey filtration and the different honey filters offered by ICKO.

The honey decanter

After the extraction phase, the honey is edible, but still contains small impurities such as wax residues, pollen remains, dust or organic matter left behind by the bees (pieces of legs etc...). It is therefore essential to filter the honey several times to make it as pure and tasty as possible. A first filtering through a sieve can be done to remove the largest residues. But before the actual filtration stage, the honey must be decanted into a stainless steel, plexi or even plastic tank for a few days (this can be up to 5 or 6 days depending on the quantity and quality of the honey). The surrounding temperature should be around 30 degrees to keep an ideal level of viscosity of the honey.

The vat is commonly called a maturer and can be completed with a heated bottom. This system notably allows impurities to rise to the surface. It is the air contained in the honey that makes these residues rise to the surface. The layer of impurities is called the scum. Once the scum is removed, the purified honey remains. It will then pass through the filter а honey. ICKO offers you a wide range of maturing machines to choose from according to your needs: capacity, with or without sieve, manufacturing material, etc...

Filtration of honey

Once the honey has passed through the settling stage, then comes the filtration phase. Some ripeners contain a sieve and an evacuator. The honey then passes through the filter cloth, which still collects any residue. There are several types of filters а honey. Discover the whole range of filters available in ICKO stores and on our website.

For example, we offer sock filters made of stainless steel or aluminium. Several capacities are available depending on your activity. For large volumes of honey, for example, choose a four-bag filter.

Designer and distributor of beekeeping equipment since 1947, Icko helps you choose all your equipment and gives you expert advice, whether you are a professional or amateur beekeeper. Find all our equipment for simple, fine or very fine filtration. ICKO also has sieves that can be adapted to your maturator.