Honey storage tank with total evacuation - without stand - Lega - 800 kg

Before conditioning your honey, it is necessary to clean the honey: phase of settling and filtration. For this, the beekeeper must have a minimum of material, namely a storage tank, to ensure that it collects a honey that is consumable and of quality, away from any impurity. The Lega storage tank with a conical mealt with a total discharge, is welded with the TIG system in accordance with the food container laws. To give the tank maximum axial rigidity, the upper edge of the storage tank is rounded. With a height of 1030 mm and a diameter of 850 mm, it has the capacity to hold up to 800 kg. ICKO Apiculture advises you to use:- the sieve (JG327TAMIS) to carry out the filtering of the honey,- the stand (JG327STAND), perfectly compatible with this storage tank which cannot be placed on the ground because of the particular shape of the mealt.

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Technical characteristics
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Capacity800 kg
Diameter850 mm
Dimensions1030 mm