Honey storage tank to complete evacuation - without stand - Lega

The LEGA honey storage tank offers excellent value for money. Thanks to its complete evacuation system, not a drop of honey will be lost! From 50 to 800 kg, it meets the needs of hobbyist beekeepers and professionals. Before conditioning your honey, it is necessary to clean the honey: phase of settling and filtration. For this purpose, the beekeeper must have at least a minimum of material in its honey house to ensure that it collects a honey that is consumable and of quality, away from any impurity.  LEGA honey Storage tank with total evacuation exists in several dimensions:- height 527 mm, diameter 310 mm, capacity honey 50 kg: JG330- height 675 mm, diameter 378 mm, capacity honey 100 kg: JG331- height 890 mm, diameter 520 mm, capacity honey 250 kg: JG328- height 1035 mm, diameter 700 mm, capacity honey 500 kg: JG329- height 1030 mm, diameter 850 mm, capacity honey 800 kg: JG 327Attention: the stand and sieves are not delivered with the maturation or ripening. Additional products :- Total evacuation LEGA storage tank screens- LEGA storage tank double Honey strainers- LEGA storage tank red Stand Red Also available in flat mealt version: LEGA flat mealt Storage tank