Honey storage tank to complete evacuation - Thomas - 100 kg

Before conditioning your honey, it is necessary to clean the honey: phase of settling and filtration. For this, the beekeeper must have a minimum of material, namely a storage tank, to ensure that it collects a honey that is consumable and of quality, away from any impurity. The Thomas storage tank has a stainless steel vat and a flat sloping mealt with a perfect gate. With a height of 840 mm and a diameter of 380 mm, it can hold up to 100 kg of honey. ICKO Apiculture advises you to use the sieve (JG241T) and the bottom heater (JG259), perfectly adapted to this storage tank! There are several dimensions: - height 540 mm, diameter 375 mm, capacity honey 50 kg: JG240- height 880 mm, diameter 470 mm, capacity honey 200 kg: JG243- height 1060 mm, diameter 610 mm, capacity honey 350 kg: JG251

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Technical characteristics
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Capacity100 kg
Diameter380 mm
Dimensionshauteur : 840 mm