Honey sieves for storage tanks complete evacuation - Lega

SKU tamis-lega-evacuation-totale
The Lega storage tank sieve with a total evacuation is an essential beekeeping accessory for honey filtration. It is positioned above the storage tanks to remove impurities.2 types of sieves are available: single sieves for filtration of large impurities (2 mm mesh) and double sieve honey strainers for filtration with 275 microns mesh. Single screens for Lega storage tank with total discharge:- JG361 diameter 310 mm, for Lega JG330 storage tank- JG362 diameter 378 mm, for Lega JG331 storage tank- JG363 diameter 520 mm, for Lega storage tank a JG328- JG364 diameter 700 mm sieves, for Lega JG329 storage tank- JG327Sieves diameter 850 mm, for Lega JG327Associated product: Lega Storage tank with total evacuation. Double Honey strainers. Storage tank sold separately.