Honey sieves for flat mealt storage tanks - Lega

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The Lega storage tank sieve with flat mealt is an essential beekeeping accessory for honey filtration. It is positioned above the storage tanks to remove impurities.2 types of sieves are available: single sieves for filtration of large impurities (2 mm mesh) and double sieve honey strainers for filtration with 275 microns mesh. Note that the double sieves strainer filter is used with a nylon honey strainer. Single screens for Lega storage tanks with flat mealt :- JG359 diameter 310 mm, for Lega JG321 storage tank - 50 kg- JG359 diameter 380 mm, for Lega JG323 storage tank - 100 kg- JG366 0 diameter 470 mm, for Lega JG325 storage tank - 200 kg. Associated product: LEGA Storage tank with flat mealt from 50 to 400 kg. Double Honey strainers
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    Honey sieves for storage tank 50 kg and 100 kg
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    Honey sieves for storage tank and drum barrel 200 kg