Honey refractometer with integrated LED

Manageable and easy to use, it determines the humidity rate in your honey. With its built-in LED, it becomes more convenient when reading the results. Direct reading of the % of water in the honey, just put on a drop of honey on the lens and read the instructions directly into the refractometer. You need to determine the refractive index visually, for example by comparing the brightness of two areas of your visual field, while varying the instrument setting. The good conservation and granulation of your honeys are directly linked to the % of water they contain. Ideally, the humidity rate should not exceed 17.5% because a honey that is too dry is likely to be viscous, and a honey that is too wet may thrive yeast. The cabinet includes:- A safety box and transport.- A plastic dosing pipette- A calibration screwdriver- A cleaning fabric Sold with liquid and prism (Ref JE2505).

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