Handicraft honey vinegar - Aristée - 25 cL

Vinegar Aristed with the right flavor of organic honey, made from a mead that does not contain sulfite or preservatives. The choice of honeys and natural fermentation have kept the honey's aromas as high as possible. Pleasant and refined, the Aristée honey vinegar is distinguished by its nectar flow and tangy notes that put on a long freshness in the mouth. Ingredients: honey, water. Packaging: bottle 25 cl. Aristée vinegar is also available in 50 cl (ref. NG800), 75 cL (ref. NG798) and in bulk in jerrican of 20 L (ref.NG805), heading Honey vinegars. To personalize your vinegar bottles, counter-label to your name or complete personalization, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Capacity25 cl