Full wooden tool box - Tool box


Discover the Tool Box equipped ICKO, the essential accessory to go to the bee-yard...

This wooden tool box is ideal for storing and transporting your various tools.
It is equipped with several places to store the frame lifter, the smoker, the pliers, the brush or the frame holder.
The inside of the box is equipped with frame spacer, perfect for transporting frames (can hold 6 Dadant frames).
A stainless steel handle allows you to carry your tools easily and without the risk of losing one on the way to the apiary.
The Tool Box is sold with different tools presented, it is the ideal gift to offer, or simply to offer yourself!

In your Tool Box, you will find :
- Smog smoker in stainless steel with skin gusset,
- Beestrong stainless steel pliers,
- Stainless steel frame lift 26 cm,
- Hair brush,
- Dadant/Langstroth stainless steel frame support with 3 cm pin,

And for the lighting of your smoker :
- Apidou, the 1 kg bag,
- Fumstart, the bag of 100 sticks

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