Full nuc TrioNuc - Dadant

Made of Ruchéco wood, this shallow box is both very robust and lightweight. The Ruchéco logo ensures an ecological and ethical shallow box with wood from sustainably managed forests. Dadant Shallow box partitioned into 3 nuclei with a capacity of 3 x 4 frame for nuc (plastic (FA161) or wood (FA162)) not supplied. The Trio-nuc Dadant shallow box is made of fir tree, screwed wood and has a very good quality finish! The Trio-nuc Dadant shallow box includes:- 1 bottom board,- 1 deep bee hive box,- 3 independent ways,- 3 chimney feeders with gates,- 3 inner covers,- 2 removable metal slide,- 3 disks 4 positions (FC233),- 1 hive cover (BA221) with a height of 105 mm.

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