Book - The passion of a young beekeeper - Mathieu Domecq

Mathieu was 12 or 13 when I met him at the bee-yard school. His thoughtful and very attentive air, his discretion inspired me to be sympathetic and I learned to know him, discovering his universe with admiration. It was very early... stung from this passion, out of the ordinary for a young teenager. After a few years of apiculture, becoming a trainer at the Bee-yard-École du Tarn, where he is involved with happy initiatives, he wanted to tell his unusual story in this book... Tested by the desire to share his experiment, he set out to evoke it in a manuscript that I helped him to shape. Four-Hand exercise is not easy. But I had the pleasure of sliding into his text, trying not to betray the thought and sensitivity of this passionate, measured and determined teenager, whom we see with friendship, we elders of the bee-yard school, grow up and take his swarm flight. The Tarn Apicole Union has become its second family! Already an experienced educator, he offers new amateurs, in his book, some tips and tips. His future is promising. Elisabeth de Cabarrus, SAT Secretary

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