Book - remedies of beehive: honey, pollen, bee glue, royal jelly

Discover all the health benefits of beehive products! The book: They are as old as the world. They are golden, white, amber or brown. They are of inimitable softness and of formidable effectiveness against a large number of diseases. THEY are the products of beehive: honey, pollen, bee glue, royal jelly, venom... At all ages of life, they are there to help you live better everyday, but also to relieve cardiovascular, rheumatic, eye, skin, liver, nerve, etc. diseases. They are the champions of form, prevention and even treatments of the most severe infections. beehive products are used alone, together, or in combination with essential oils. From day-to-day care to tomorrow's drugs, work in this guide practice all health advice from bee medicine. Discover immediately: - How to prepare an aromatic - The health properties of the venom - Why the honey helps to heal wounds - How to cure acne with bee glue - Natural ordinances against all daily hassles.

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