Book - bee Engineering - Eric Tourneret

After the success of the Routes du Honey (2015), photographer Éric Tourneret and Sylla de Saint Pierre return with a great specialist in bee biology, Jürgen Tautz (The astonishing bee at de Boeck), to propose a superb insight into The Genie of Bees. With stunning new photos taken in the heart of colony, in France and around the world, as well as in the laboratory, backed by a text that will be a landmark by the quality of its writing and its documentary solidity, rich with fascinating information. It shows how the superorganism colony is organized in terms of communication, democracy and decision-making, how it works to combat diseases or how bees adapt to events and regulate temperature. They learn how they work to choose the queen, what epigenetic transformation can intervene or what is the true nature of the mating flight, the silent call of flowers, the alchemy of the nectar, the importance of fragrances and the royal fragrance, how the flavor of the salt is at the end of the legs, the role of the scout bees or what is the function of the compound eye. the impact of architecture on communication and that of empty chambers within the chunk honey, the existence of a web of bee, the multiplicity of languages and the reasons for the breath of colony, their incredible cognitive abilities and their four memoirs, the conditions of the swarming colonizer and the secrets of genetics.

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