The bee wax

Beeswax is an essential element in the manufacture of honey and the life of the hive. In particular, it allows the constitution of combs with honeycombs. The wax is used in beekeeping, but also in other areas such as health and well-being. ICKO offers you several products based on beeswax.

Our beeswax products

The embossed wax is to be fixed inside your frames. It serves as a kind of base or pattern for the bees which will be able to build the alveolar structure that allows them to store honey, the bees' bread but also the queen's egg laying. Made of beeswax, it contains cells predefined by the beekeeper. In general, these are a little larger than those built naturally by bees. One can thus obtain a higher honey yield compared to "natural" buildings which are less uniform. In general, the size of the cells is designed to accommodate female bees because they are the workers. ICKO Selection embossed wax sheet is recognized worldwide for its quality. It was awarded the gold medal at the Apimondia competition. It contains only wax from hive caps without paradichlorobenzene in hives not treated with coumaphos. You can also find our classic embossed beeswax sheet without additives or coloring. ICKO apiculture is the only French company to have the sanitary approval delivered by the DDPP certifying the greatest traceability and sterilization of beeswax.

Discover the Favus frame. This sterilized wax structure reproduces the bees' natural frame to help them develop faster. As the bees' work is made easier, honey production is optimized. Per Favus frame it is 2 kg of honey gained!

ICKO also offers you organic beeswax loaves to make your own embossing, design candles, create encaustic products or make decorations. Depending on your use, we provide you with regular loaves of pure beeswax or filtered wax scraps.


Our equipment for beeswax work

ICKO has a total of more than 4000 references to equip professional and amateur beekeepers. We offer them all the equipment required for beeswax work. To make your own embossed wax, discover our range of embossing machines. This type of instrument allows you to laminate wax plates or ribbons to the desired thickness. Several machines are available for manual or electric use.

There are several solutions for harvesting beeswax. It has to be melted using one of these methods :

- Wax boilers are equipment that operate with an oil, gas or electric burner. Place the used frames directly into the machine. The heat and steam will allow the wax to be extracted in a purified way.
- Waxmakers are like ecological wax boilers at a lower cost. These boilers run on solar energy to heat the wax rays through a glass pane. The wax will slowly flow into a tank provided for this purpose.

ICKO also offers a large number of candle wicks and molds. Find all the shapes of moulds to make your beeswax candles: figurines, candles, balls, cylinders, patterned ... Discover all our products for beekeeping, either in store or on our online store.