Beekeeping store

Discover all the equipment and accessories you need to raise bees in our beekeeping store. ICKO has more than 4,000 references available for sale. You can also find out about the garden stores that distribute ICKO products in France and around the world. Our solutions are aimed at beekeeping professionals but also at amateur bee breeders.

Store for the creation and maintenance of hive

ICKO has been a partner of beekeepers for more than 60 years. We have opened three ICKO beekeeping stores in the Gard, Haute-Garonne and Bas-Rhin. Among our many products, you will find for example a wide selection of hives. You can equip yourself with Dadant, Langstroth or Warré hives available in different ranges. We offer for example hives made in France, hives made of wood from sustainably managed forests or plastic hives. You can also compose your hive yourself by choosing among our different elements sold separately (top, body, roof, bottom...).

For your activity in the apiary, ICKO accompanies you by presenting you with a wide range of equipment. With the apiary pack, you will have all the necessary protective equipment to be with the bees (suits, sails, gloves, smoke detectors...). You can also get products for feeding the bees such as sugar syrups or candy. For the well-being of the bees and the quality of their production you must ensure the hygiene of each hive with our solutions. Discover also equipment for queen rearing such as cups, cup holders or pickings.

On our online beekeeping store and from your ICKO advisers, you can also learn more about our equipment for transhumance and handling. Use equipment such as a devil, a wheelbarrow, an electric arm or a stacker to simplify your movements and do your work effortlessly.


Equipment for honey and wax

Find all ICKO solutions for honey processing and distribution. In the honey-making section of our online beekeeping store you can discover all the equipment needed to produce your own honey, from the uncapping of frames to filtration. In particular, we offer a wide range of extractors (manual, electric, for professionals...). ICKO allows you to create your own honey house at competitive prices.

You can also work the beeswax that you will have recovered during the uncapping process. For melting, get a wax maker or a wax boiler. ICKO presents its high quality embossed waxes to be integrated in your frames, but you can also make your own embossed wax using a specific machine. To create candles, we offer you wicks as well as a very wide range of moulds of all kinds.

For honey packaging, choose from our glass or plastic jars. Several lids are available for hermetic sealing. Discover our dispensers to work faster and stand out thanks to our labels and customization elements.