What is the beehive frame for?

If in the beehive warré, the use of bars is preferred, in the other types of beehives, the frame system is left. What is the connection between the nest and the frame of a beehive? Why do some apiarists find happiness in this method more than in another? Here are some information on the subject and how to maintain the frames.

The principle of the frame of a hive

In the traditional beehive model, there is the straw model which serves only as a protection for bees. They produce honey and fill the beehive by placing the nectar in honey cells. When the time of the extract comes, as the alveole is strongly glued to the beehive, it is necessary to destroy the beehive in order to collect the honey. Also to avoid waste and above all to destroy nests at each honey harvest, the apiarists found the system of frame of a beehive. Depending on the models, you can find 10 to 12 frames as for the dadant or lansgtroth beehive.

For the Bee Space rule discovered by Dzierzon and patented by Langstroth, each space of the beehive will be sealed either by bee glue by bees or by wax. This is how the frame of a mobile beehive is used. For this type of frame, the internal and external dimensions of the beehive are determined according to the embedded objectives and according to certain criteria. They can be functional, aesthetic, biological, geographical, esoteric ... The frame of a beehive is mainly useful to organize the work of bees and so that they produce only on these frames and not on other walls of the beehive.


Maintenance of the frame of a beehive

Beekeepers must maintain each frame of a hive every year after harvest. This is to remove impurities but especially to see if some frames need to be changed. Before any operation on a hive frame, it is important to check the condition of the brood and especially the health of the bees. When examining the frames, before placing them one by one on the roof, it is necessary to check if there are no more bees and to sweep them if there are any left. For the health of the bees, a disinfected brush should be used to remove the bees. A frame holder also makes it easier to examine the frame of a hive and to manipulate it.

If the frame is warped or deformed or poorly constructed, good production cannot be expected as this will not respect the Bee Space. Also when building at the beginning of the hive, it is important to be a good carpenter or to use the services of a professional to build and set up each frame of a hive. When frames are used, quality should not be skimpy. Avoid frames made of wood that is too light, those assembled with simple staples that may rust, or those that use glues.