Bee breeding methods

The role of the beekeeper is to ensure cohesion and organization within the nest. The bees organize themselves in colonies to perform several tasks in the hive. The beekeeper must ensure the survival of the bees and optimize his livestock by breeding. ICKO, a specialist in beekeeping for more than 70 years, accompanies you and provides you with all the necessary equipment for your beekeeping whatever the method you wish to use.

Bee breeding

In the hive, there is a colony of bees that consists of three distinct castes according to morphology and roles. The queen (one and only queen for each hive), the males used for reproduction (also called drones) and the workers (females who design the habitat and produce the honey). This organization is indispensable for the survival of the colony, but also for production. It is therefore necessary to know how to raise a queen bee, whether it is to create a new hive or to replace a queen that has reached the end of its cycle (remerage). There are several methods to create a new swarm. One of these methods is to integrate two new frames of embossed wax in the middle of a productive hive. The existing queen will lay eggs in the new cells before being removed from the colony.


Equipment for beekeeping with ICKO

ICKO offers beekeepers, professional or amateur, useful products for beekeeping. For example, to prevent the queen from reaching certain parts of the hive to lay eggs, find a range of queen excluders. This plastic or metal grid is made up of gaps of a certain size that prevents the queen from passing through while allowing the other bees, the workers, to move freely.

Picking refers both to the handling of the transfer of larvae, but also to the tool used to carry it out. The transfer of larvae is a crucial step, as they are very fragile. There are therefore several types of picking to suit the habits and needs of beekeepers. In general, it is a very thin stainless steel rod with a certain curvature at its end to handle the young larvae as carefully as possible.

ICKO has several picking options: picking for right or left handed people, picking with a wooden handle, picking with a magnifying glass... There are starter, nuclei, wooden, polystyrene, cardboard or plastic nucleus but also different breeding systems in kit form such as Kemp, Jenter, Nicot or Nicotplast and even incubators for royal cells!

Discover all our equipment for queen rearing. For example, we offer you several types of cups and cup holders to deposit the larvae during your picking operation.