B-Swarm beehive lock - Hostabee

The B-swarm beehive lock allows you to locate your beehive in real time, to be alerted in case of abnormal movement, and to be able to follow its route on a map, in case it is stolen. Easy to use, it is equipped with a CR 123 Lithium battery, with a range of about 12 months. In some regions, beehive flights are a true sword of Damocles for beekeepers. Few solutions exist to avoid them, and recourse to recover stolen colonies or obtain reparations is sometimes difficult. Faced with this, the French startup Hostabee throve a GPS device, discreet and easy to put on in the beehive: B-swarm. The benefits of the B-swarm beehive lock: - Geolocation of the beehive in real time, 24/7 (precision: +/- 20 meters) - The possibility to receive an alert by SMS in case of movement of your beehives The characteristics of the anti-theft for beehive B-swarm: - A battery life of 12 months (battery to be renewed), with the battery level visible on the application. - Low frequency radio waves, so as not to disturb your bees - Technology used: Sigfox* - Dimensions: 8.5 x 5 x 2.5 cm, for a discrete device- Web application accessible from any device (smartphone, computer, tablet - all brands) via your web browser. - Operates through an annual subscription system Before ordering, please check your bee-yard's network coverage at https://coverage.hostabee.com Subscription: included the first year with the purchase of the module.

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