API Honey house kit - Stainless steel


Discover our honey pack for uncapping and extracting honey. This kit contains all the essential equipment to produce your own honey quickly and easily.

The compact stainless steel honey house pack is composed of :

Uncapper with crossbar and tap: Food-grade plastic trays, stackable and nestable. It is supplied with a guillotine tap and a crossbar with a point for easy uncapping.

ICKO uncapping knife with 2 serrated sides and wooden handle: This knife with a stainless steel blade ensures a clean cut of the wax capping. It removes the wax film and releases the honey contained in the cells. This will be collected during the extraction process. Total dimensions: 400 x 35 mm

Compact extractor 370 tangential: 4 Dadant hive frames, 2 body frames. Without feet. 3 functions: Extraction Maturation Filtration.

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