API honey house Kit - Essential +

Beginner or amateur Beekeepers, discover our Essentiel Honey house pack, the solution to equip you at a low price. Our kit includes the equipment necessary for honey house. The equipment that make up this Honey house pack has been selected for their quality and practicality. You will have everything you need to accompany you in your honey production, from de-boiling to filtration before jar. Our Essentiel Honey house kit includes: - A honey uncapping knife Jero inox 1 side lace length 280 mm, ref JH010. - A honey storage tank 50 kg stainless steel mealt, ref JG100.- A sieve for storage tank Quarti 50 kg in stainless steel, essential for the filtration of the honey. Ref JG101- A 10-liter graduated plastic pail with a spout and handle, ref JH201- A plastic uncapping tank Uncapper with a cross and gate, ref JD059- 2 Pails plastic white 20 kg without lid, ref LD061- 2 lid for pail plastic 20 kg, ref. f LD062- An extractor manual tangential honey Simplex 2 frame or 4 , ref JA002 Do you produce a large volume of ? Discover our beekeeper Expert Honey house Kit.

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