API honey house Kit - Essential-1


This complete honey house kit is economical and functional with its plastic maturator and 4 frame extractor. It includes all the essential tools to extract and decant your honey: an uncapping tray, a maturator, a honey extractor... a quality, practical and functional honey house.

Save money with this kit!


This API. Essentiel honey house kit includes :

- 1 uncapping tray
- 1 uncapping knife with 2 serrated sides and wooden handle
- 1 plastic matuteur 40 kg
- 1 plastic bucket
- 1 Plastic bucket 20 kg with lid
- 1 Manual tangential extractor mini 4 frames of Dadant rise / 2 frames of body 


This API Essential honey kit is also available with a 50 kg stainless steel maturing machine

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