Aluminum beehive lift - Apilift pro

APILIFT PRO Elevator Lift, designed to lift and transport your beehives or shallow boxes effortlessly. This type of lift with electric lift respects all ergonomic aspects. It's ideal for working alone and relieving the back of beekeepers. beehive and shallow boxes are taken by a very efficient and ingenious grip system, operated by a lever. The APILIFT PRO works with battery and allows to lift 100 kg of charge. With a special beehive grip, it can grab the deep bee hive box or several shallow boxes, lift, transport and load. The APILIFT elevator lift is used in the bee-yard during beekeeping migratory but also for honey house work. The transport of the beehives becomes easy and the back of the beekeeper relieves. With its two large wheels it passes through all the fields and behaves like a wheelbarrow. By pressing the finger on the power supply, the load can be easily mounted and lowered. The load is lifted by a winch driven by a Makita drill, also used as a handle. The APILIFT PRO adapts to all types of Dadant beehives 10 and 12 cades, Langstroth, except Nicot beehives. APILIFT received the gold medal for the best innovation in Apimondia.

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