A family story

Since 1947, ICKO has been a reference in the field of beekeeping. Today European leader in beekeeping equipment, its success is above all due to a family history. It was Charles and Emma Ickowicz, passionate about beekeeping, who created ICKO with the aim of creating equipment that would improve the daily lives of beekeepers. For more than 70 years, this passion has been passed down from father to son...

From generation to generation

For 3 generations, the passion for beekeeping has been passed down from father to son in the Ickowicz family. It all started with Charles who, in 1947, created ICKO Apiculture. Trained as an engineer, he was able to use his knowledge to create products and tools to facilitate the practice of his passion. Today, two generations later, ICKO is now an international company, but our desire to help beekeepers to practice their profession, their hobby, has remained intact.
For us, beekeeping is a question of sharing and love of nature. This very noble practice, essential to the preservation of our environment, necessarily highlights the way our regions are changing and the ecological impacts they are suffering. This ecological awareness animates us and gives us the strength, each day a little more, to fight to improve things. Whether it's reducing the drudgery of beekeeping or respecting our environment, this is what has guided our choices for more than 70 years now.


The passion that binds us

We share and live our passion with all our teams. For you and thanks to you, we have the chance to do the job we love and that makes us want to get up every day to make things happen. All the personalities gathered at ICKO have a common vision: that of a beekeeping that is considered, facilitated and respectful of bees. We dedicate this vision to you and we are committed to defending it. To militate to defend it is to militate to defend yourself, because without beekeepers there would be no more bees. So, whether you are a beginner beekeeper or a professional beekeeper for many years, our teams are at your side to listen to you, understand your needs, advise you and allow you to develop your activity that we love so much.


"And if we are here today, it is thanks to you! You beekeepers, partners, collaborators who have trusted us for more than 70 years...

... Sincerely: Thank you! "

Pierre Ickowicz Managing Director of ICKO Beekeeping

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