6 color magnets package for beehive hive cover

Set of 6 magnets for beehive hive cover, of different colors. These magnets can be installed on the hive cover of your beehives and allow you to know different information about your colony in a single eye.  These colors can represent: the year of the queen, the state of the brood, the colony, the shallow box, if the colony is buzzing or buzzing... The information is endless and depends on the legend you define for tracking your livestock. Example of color magnet caption: Green: colony in perfect condition, ready to be divided, for example. White: Divided colony or merrage. Blue: buzzing or Red foul brood: poor or worrying condition of the Black colony: no Yellow egg laying: Shallow box almost full plan to double etc..... Be creative and productive. The time-saving and comfort of being able to visualize in a single eye the state of your bee-yard will make these magnets your daily allies!

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